Commercials and Video production

NEW: aerial video shooting on helicopter

Millions of users around the world watch videos via the web. Most are amateur funny videos. Many seek advice on how to do something, these are the classic “how to”.

On the other hand it does not stop all here. The video sharing sites are a showcase to the world, a showcase that anyone can take advantage of.

Through the producing of video / commercials targeted and viral you can submit your business or your event in professional way, and for this reason we are there. As mentioned above the majority of videos viewed online are turned low quality, but an company, how can it be a hotel, a shop or more, can not afford not to live up to even a channel of video sharing should give the best anywhere.

With a small fee we give you the opportunity to get a video that follows your requirements, we are interested in only one aspect of the entire production:

that the customer is happy

When you’re happy, we’re happy too.

We have the ability to shoot and film stabilized with steady cam and slider (dolly) professional. We handle everything from pre-production to post-production.


Abbiamo la possibilità di effettuare riprese stabilizzate e cinematografiche con steady cam e slider (dolly) professionali. Ci occupiamo di tutto, dalla pre-produzione alla post-producione.


A few demos: