Virtual Tours - Eye Vision 360°

 Eye Vision

What are Virtual Tours?

It’s the set of panoramic images taken at 360 ° x 180 ° of an environment, internal or external, in order to give the perception of the visitor to be in place being able to look around. For example, the Virtual Tour for a hotel: you will find yourself in front of the entrace door, heading to the bar, the restaurant and in the rooms could have an idea on the structure.

Marmolada Production offers a full-service Virtual Tours in high resolution suitable for web and offline and on Google Street View. Our tours can be customized with your logos and colors you prefer and can incorporate texts (such as descriptions of the environment), music or sound, images, links to websites, to weather, to your contacts and much more.

This service is suitable for:

What are the benefits of Eye Vision 360 °?

How much do they cost?
The tours on Google Street View starts 200€ for small business. In some cases the uploading on Google Street View may be included on the price of Eye Vision 360°

Example of Google Street View: Hotel Pineta – Marmolada

What are the benefits of Eye Vision 360 °?

How much do they cost?
We offer various packages to which the customer can choose from, and since there are a vast array of possibilities for every project we want to reserve a special eye and give the applicant exactly what they are looking for without giving less and not give more, thus creating a price custom project to project balanced for your needs.

Example of Eye Vision 360°: